Q: What does your apartment look like?

A: Home.  

Ah, where to even begin?  The fella was out here a few months before I got here, so he was able to pick out our pad.  He ended up getting us a converted vacation spot, so it has two bedrooms.  That is unheard of to have an extra room that’s not used, excessive, right?.  In our defense, we’re using it!  Let me back up.

Welcome to our home.  I’m going to give you a mental tour via words, then you can see my little slideshow of the highlights of the place.

We live literally steps from the beach, so close that I can tell how high the tide is just by peeking out the bedroom.  If you haven’t put it together yet, we live above a family that owns a beach restaurant/BBQ.  They do a mean BBQ man, let me tell you.  Anyway, this isn’t about that deliciousness.  To get to our place, you go up a set of stairs, that is tiled pink and does have a light so don’t worry.  If we know you’re coming, we’ll leave the light on, Motel 6 style.

Once you enter, you’re standing in our living room, where we have three small pale tan couches (background to many of the photos you’ve seen), a nice coffee table that has wheels (my desk), a decent size tv, and of course, Fella’s Christmas present, his PS3.  No I didn’t buy it for him, it was his present that I carried it half way across the world for him.  What’s with the shield?  I have no answer for that.  Just enjoy it.

Quick turn around!  You will see 4 doors.  Go to the one on your right.  That’s the bathroom.  Go ahead, freshen up.  We have hot water.  Why do we have so many toothbrushes? Because on the way here my soap exploded and soaked my toothbrush package.  My only choice was to unwrap them and put them in the holder.  Besides, it looks like we always have pals over.

Clean?  Ok, pass our lovely ‘pantry’ where you can see everything we eat.  On any given day there is a either a bag of chips or box of cereal.  Hungry?  I can make you a Peanut Butter sandwich, it appears I have enough.  Go to the next door.  That’s the kitchen.  See our cute little stove top (no oven) and mini fridge?  Gentle reminder: please boil your water before drinking it, would you like some coffee?  We have a cute little coffee station set up.  I brought along my favorite magnets of La Jolla seals, Alcatraz and McQueen Couture to keep it ‘homey’ here.  (One of them was a present, whatup pal who gave it to me!)  I put all of our spices on top of the fan hood for easy access– and don’t worry I can reach them.  This kitchen was built for people smaller than I am.  I can reach everything.  Oh, why thank you, I love my apron too.

Let me show you where you will be sleeping.  Next door.  This is our guest bedroom.  It has bunk beds, but please don’t actually use the stairs to climb up.  Use those muscles to hoist on up.  No, don’t worry, it’s safe in here, don’t you see this badass eagle?  Yeah, feel free to use my vanity.  Try on the many watches I brought because I’m obsessive.  OH you like my jewelry box?  Thanks, it’s an old iPod touch package.  When you’re not here, we have the ironing board set up, and use this as a makeshift laundry room.  Let me show you our room, then I’ll let you rest.

Last and final door, the one on the far left.  There’s a cute little desk and mirror, where you might want to do your hair, and a little lamp from IKEA.  A few drawers under the bed for essentials and two clothing racks to hang our clothes.  No, I am not freaking out about my hangers not matching, it’s just a preference I have in America.  Ok, I know you’ve had a long day and a half of traveling, so go ahead, take a nap.  When you wake up, I’ll make you some green curry.

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