Pretty Pretty


One thing that I’ve noticed is that sometimes people double up their words, and it’s cute.  Similar to how English speakers speak to little kids and say things such as, “Ok, we are going bye-bye now”, or “Do you need to go wee-wee?”  It’s just cute.

One thing that I like is when someone calls something pretty, they say ‘Leng Leng’.  This translates literally into ‘Pretty Pretty’.  I mean, you could just say ‘Leng’ just once, but it isn’t as fun as saying it twice.  Just say it twice, double your fun factor.   Just like the dog downstairs, DauDau, or BeanBean.

Try it out.  Say Leng with a short eng sound.  Say it fast.  Say it faster.  There you go.  You did it.

Here on Lamma you can get really amazing homemade yogurt.*  You can get a really healthy one, with delicious nuts and honey and flax in it, or you can buy it plain.  We normally buy the healthy kind, and then sit down and eat it all within one day.  The last time we bought it, I made a gentleman’s bet with no one in particular.  I said that it would be eaten by 3:00pm the next day (also to no one in particular).  Sure enough- by 1:30pm the very next day, it was gone.  So good.

This time my fella and I decided to try out the plain, delicious homemade yogurt, fresh from their kitchen to ours.  What did we do?  Added m&ms of course.  Alongside pancakes, I would say our breakfast that day was pretty sugar-tastic.  As I swirled the chocolate into my yogurt, marbling the colors, I said, “So LengLeng!”

Thanks for tuning into Mumbling Monday.

*If you’re on Lamma Island, be sure to try this yogurt out.  It will change your life.  I’ve attached photos of how to get in contact with them.  Even if you don’t live on Lamma, and are just coming for a day trip, give them a shout to see if they will have a stand set up on the day you are coming.  

Whenever the fella and I decide to head back to the good ol’ USA, I’ll really miss this treat.

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