King Hing Tofu Dessert

There is a tasty dessert in Hong Kong that people love, that’s made from Tofu.
If you’re not a tofu person and you are about to close your window, this dessert will change your mind.

I’ll admit, the first time that I tried this, my first bite was not super stellar.  I had just gotten into Hong Kong, was overwhelmed and excited all at once.  My fella and I had went to get something to eat here on Lamma Island, since I pretty much had only had two meals in the past 20-something hours.  That simply is not enough food for me to stay a stable person.
He took me to this little dumpling shop that is on the main road with a striped awning.  I’m not sure what the name is, but the people who work there are very kind.  We had eaten a couple plates of dumplings and drank some soy milk.
I was in awe that my fella was all about the soymilk.  We are from the Mid-west for goodness sakes.  Not that people from the Mid-west don’t drink soy milk, you can almost always find some sort of soymilk or rice milk in my mother’s fridge.  It’s the fact I’ve never EVER watched my fella even think that anything soy related was something he should be consuming.
I was impressed.  So imagine my surprise when he asked if I wanted dessert (of course I said yes) and then he said, “There’s this stuff called Dofu-wa that I like, it’s a tofu dessert.”*
I didn’t understand what was happening.  My mind was swirling and then he says very casually, “People sometimes pronounce tofu with a “Dee” sound.”  No mention of his development of finding the joy in soy.  It was as if it was meant to be.

Soft and squishy, not super sweet, it wasn’t what I was picturing.  But three bites in, and I was wishing that I had more.  Soft tofu, carefully scooped out and placed in a bowl, sometimes warm, sometimes cold.  Cover it with ginger syrup and sprinkle some ginger sugar on it as well, if you’re a sweet tooth person.

If you go to Lamma Island, there is a pretty famous couple that does this dessert really well.  You’ll always see a line on the weekends and it’s worth the wait.  Check out Kin Hing Tofu Dessert on Reservoir road.  The picture was taken there.

It’s a soft, sweet, delicious Asian dessert that I am worried I won’t be able to get back in Minnesota.  If someone knows where to get it there, please let me know.
If you can convert my middle-west fella to soymilk and tofu, you’re obviously doing tofu right.

* Remember when I mentioned there is a delicious tofu dessert that Hong Kongers love to eat?  We still hear people say, “Dofu Wa, Dofu Fa, Doufuhua, Douhua and Tofu Pudding” so I’m going to go with Dofu Wa.

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