Avenue of the Stars

The other day my fella and I checked out Hong Kong’s “Avenue of the Stars”.

We took the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor, and hooked ourselves a hard right. (That’s how you get there, I’m telling you so when you come here, you will know.) Walking along the promenade, the view of Hong Kong Island cannot be beat. The only thing that would have made this walk better is if it wasn’t cloudy so the pictures would turn out better.

We found the Avenue of the Stars, which is similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Stars. But it’s smaller, much smaller.

I sometimes scold myself for not knowing more Chinese pop culture, because I feel like this would have been far more awesome had I known more Asian movie superstars. I try to be a little sponge when it comes to paying attention, but sometimes a little shiny object catches my eye and it’s all over. We did get to see the Bruce Lee statue, and I put my hands in a few of the casts. Turns out this whole, “You’re small because you’re Asian” thing that I’ve been hearing my whole life is a crack o’shamammy. I am just plain small.

The Avenue also had a bunch of portraits of actors and directors, including the one and only Robert De Niro. I also saw a picture of Elijah Wood the hobbit, which really surprised me. Apparently, I’m the only person I know who has fallen asleep for the entire viewing of that trilogy. No joke, I literally fell asleep through a movie marathon my roommates were holding of those movies. Maybe someday I’ll give Lord of the Rings another chance, but as of right now the only thing that held my interest is the multiple meals that Hobbits get to eat. Oh is that something glittery over there?

Enjoy the slide show.

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