Happy Valley Horse Races

My fella and I decided it was high time we hit up the horse racing track that we kept hearing about, Happy Valley.

I’m not much of a betting gal.  So I don’t know much about horse racing and the humanity of it all.  So let’s just have fun.

One of Hong Kong’s favorite pastimes is horse racing.  People go nuts for it here.   There are a bunch of shops that you can see around Hong Kong as places where people place their bets.  There’s a group of very old men on Lamma that gather on Sundays around this TV and by the end of the day they either look happy from their stacks of empty beer cans, or from their winnings.  Hard to tell.
Happy Valley is located in Causeway Bay, in the heart of the city.  The track is surrounded by the twinkle of the city lights, and once inside, the energy of the track is invigorating.  The smell of food cooking and the crack of the gun and pounding of hooves, followed by shouting and waving of hands … it really is amazing.

Many Hong Kongers get so into it, that they have these special newspapers that give them far more information than we were getting off the little handouts that we received at the door.
We placed a few bets and came up $400 HKG dollars ($51.56 USD). I’m not going to be joining the old men watching the horse races and putting bets on it, but horse racing in Hong Kong is pretty exciting.  Even if you don’t place bets, it only costs $10 HKG dollars ($1.29 USD) to get in, and it’s a really fun experience.

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