I like eggs

A few of you might remember that I raved about the eggs in Dominica.  Yes, they came from those crazy hens that I complained about pooping everywhere and I despised their buddy, Rooster, who woke me up every dang morning at 4 am.    Irritating as they were, those ladies made some awesome eggs.

It’s no secret that I love eggs.

I haven’t really come across an egg preparation that I didn’t like.
Wait, I take that back.  I don’t like when scrambled eggs get spongy-crusty.   Hmm, they aren’t supposed to get like that.  Let’s carry on, I like all eggs that I’ve eaten (thus far) when cooked correctly.

Cheese and Rice, the eggs here are amazing!  Fresh farm eggs, 8 eggs for $10 HK ($1.30 USD)… does it get better than this?!  Golden yolks, thick & tough shells, the eggs exactly as they are supposed to be.  Added bonus?  None of my neighbors have Roosters… or chickens that I’ve seen for that matter.

They are so dang pretty.  Pretty delicious.  Plus, I keep getting double yolks.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’m going to say it’s good luck.

Brown Eggs

Aren't they so colorful?

I love cracking eggs.  This is not a metaphor.



**Edit:  I guess these eggs might not be farm fresh.  They may in fact come from mainland China.  But still tasty.  And cheap as whaaaa!

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