Purple Mangosteen

Those of you who know what is happening, prepare to not be impressed.  Those of you who don’t know, and want to know, click the link below the picture.

I’m guessing quite a few of you clicked on the link to continue reading just to be polite.  Or to confirm I was going to talk about a mangosteen and not using natural light for food photography.

Yes to mangosteen.
No to food photography.

I have never seen one of these puppies before.  I was wandering in this little market here on Lamma that I like because it has variety.  I also like the lady who works there, she has some killer dyed orangish/red hair, like a sunrise.  She speaks English to me, which helps me to not give so many blank stares.  I am beginning to wonder if the vendors here think I’m not the brightest bulb on the… are those nachos?  I’ll be back after I take a nacho break.

Purple mangosteens have this racket ball size and shape, so, uh, round.  You just split them open and tah-dah!  Little white fruits.  Go ahead, eat them.  They are sweet little pieces of fruit, some might have a seed, which I hear I’m not supposed to eat.  They have a gentle sweet taste, not sour in the slightest.  Very light and delicious.  Be sure to shoot your food in natural light because the flash will make it look dumb, and everything will look unappetizing.

4 thoughts on “Purple Mangosteen

  1. QQ says:

    I love these! Can I ask how much the local market is charging? I have to shell out $7.00/LB here in NY. I want to go to Thailand just so I can gorge myself on mangosteens!!

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