Hello Kitty makes everything better

I like advice.  Probably because I am curious and there is no way to experience everything for myself .  I figure that it’s OK to get pointers from everyone I can.  I got a little nugget of gold from one of my friend’s mothers.

We were downstairs in their basement, and the guys were playing pool.  His mom offered me a beverage and of course I accepted.  We walked over to the basement fridge and she pulled out a cold one for me and we gabbed for a bit.  Eventually I finished up and asked her where to put my empty can for recycling.
She motioned for me to follow her, to my amazement, there was a little bin for recycling next to her ironing board.  She looked at me, shyly smiled and said, “I always have a beer while I iron, I might as well enjoy myself while doing the boring chores.”

While I love the idea, I haven’t quite picked up the ironing and beer combo as my own (yet) but I took her advice to heart.

Now, when I clean the apartment, iron, or do the dishes, I wear this cute little Hello Kitty apron and  it makes things more enjoyable.  A mere $18 HK ($2.32 USD) well spent.  She’s right, everything should be enjoyable on some level.

Hello Kitty makes smiles.

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