Chocolate Caramel Balls

Mmm mystery candy

As you can tell, I’ve been doing a lot of “Hmm, this looks good” and trying it out.  We’ve only had one miss lately, and it was some sort of strange dried olives.  I really wanted to like them, but it was just a bad buy.  But this candy was a recent jackpot buy.

I found this little package of who-knows-what at a candy shop.  I think it’s Japanese candy, but that’s a wild guess.  Either way, I was a sucker for the packaging, and picked it up for just a few dollars.

The package opened on the top, like a little beak.  How cute, I mean, seriously.  Is there anything that the Japanese can’t make beautiful?  Obviously this is just an observation based on pictures and candy, being I’ve never been to Japan before.  But anyway.  Opened this little package up, and out rolled these little balls.  Chocolate covered caramel shaped balls.  So good.  If you see these, grab them.

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