Let’s go for a Lamma Island hike along the ridge.

Last week, we woke up and did a hike with one of our friends here on Lamma.  We hiked from Hung Shing Ye Beach to the ridge, which leads to Ling Kok Shan, then to Mo Tat Wan, circles back to Sok Kwu Wan and then back tracks to the beach.

Interested?  Of course you are, my pretties.  Click the link below to follow along.

I have something very exciting.  A map.

Maps aren’t exciting?  Yes, they are.  I could have just garbled on and on about how beautiful it was, name of places, just feel your eyes glazing over with boredom.  Not today!  Duhhtahdahh! (Sing it, trumpet style.)  I attempted to map my trail for you.  It’s not accurate as it could be if the island had roads large enough for cars, or if google maps had somehow figured out how to trek trails. It’s still cool though. Not an opinion. Fact.

This is so exciting. Go ahead, click into the map, cruise around. I’ve attempted to map out the path we took, some highlights and you can tie them to the slide show below.* It was a beautiful hike, sort of hazy, but that was good– it lowered the sweating factor. Hence, the foggy pictures. I’ll head up another day that’s clear and not on a time crunch and on a day I have off. So, in that case, maybe these pictures are as good as I can get. That’s a tough combo to hit, if it happens I’m going to buy a lottery ticket as well.

I know the map looks like easy peasy macaroni cheesy, but it was actually a decent hike.  including a few lookout breaks, climbing on rocks breaks and picture breaks, it took the better part of 3 hours.  If you come to Lamma, I know you will love this hike.  Plus, you have a map to follow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Side note, please scroll down on the map by clicking and dragging down.  It won’t preview correctly for some evil reason.  Or click here, it will link to the map in a new window.

2 thoughts on “Let’s go for a Lamma Island hike along the ridge.

  1. Wanda Lande says:

    Thanks for the pictures! Finally I can see some of the island. Be careful and watch out for snakes too. Take care.

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