Gai Daan Jai

Fresh off the griddle.

The other day I was making my fella do his most hated thing…shopping.  With me.  If I am by myself, I have to carry my own bags and make all of my own decisions.  I was not in the mood to do that, so I asked him to come along.  Normally I do not ask people to shop with me.  I am aware that shopping with me is as painful as being my buddy in going to a museum.  I read everything, I look at everything, I sometimes look at it twice.  Sometimes I stare at something for a really long time.  Just ask anyone who has gone with me to a museum, they will warn you not to go with me.  I’m that person who sees something I like, carry it around the store, to make sure I don’t get buyer’s remorse before I buy it.  Makes no sense, I know.

We were cruising around Tsim Sha Tsui  and Sham Shui Po, where they have market streets with stalls upon stalls of random goods.  Ranging from food to pantyhose, toys to  swimming suits.  I was on stimulation overload and really, the only way to bring me back to some level of sanity is to switch gears by feeding me.

We were about to go into an ‘electronics’ store, where a building may have a hundred booths of random electronics to buy, but in some sort of maze that you could get stuck in forever and be forced to eat the mashed up granola bar you have stashed in your purse incase of emergencies.  The granola bar that you never really wanted to eat.  That one.  The aisles in these buildings are just wide enough for one person to walk comfortably, and the ceilings are low.  You truly feel like you’re in some sort of electronics maze.   Knowing this, I decided to grab some street food.

I’ve been eyeing up these puppies for a while.  Finally, in Sham Shui Po, I tasted one for the first time.  Piping hot, I reached for my little bag with glee.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put some sauce on it, but the lady at the stand shook her head and I handed over my $6 HKG (77 cents USD).

Whoa.  I cannot believe it has taken me long to eat gai daan jai, or “eggette” or “egg waffle”.   I swear I would have paid much more for this treat.

I mean, I love eggs and I love waffles.  This is really a winning combo.  Eggy, sweet, crispy, soft, warm.  And they come in these innovative brown bags with holes cut in them to make sure they don’t get soggy.  They are almost like waffles, but instead of indentations (or syrup traps as Mitch Hedberg would say) there are bubbles of batter.  I was expecting them to be hallow.  Pleasantly surprised, I found out they weren’t.  I was on food cloud nine, before I knew it I was popping these bubbles of batter into my mouth and handing over the money to buy a video game.

1. Don’t go to museums with me.
2. Don’t go shopping with me.
3. If you must go shopping with me, feed me and I’ll most likely make impulse purchases that will be for your benefit.

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