If you ever walk by these in your local market, and don’t stop to pick up a few, you are crazy.  I discovered these in Hilo, Hawaii at their Farmer’s market.  I didn’t understand what they were, I mean just look at them.  They look ridiculous.  I feel bad that I judged them by their shell.  The lovely market lady saw me staring  and judging.  She probably could tell what I was thinking, since I don’t cover up when I’m ridiculing something.  She popped one open for me, and I haven’t been the same since.

I believe the problem is that they need to ripen on the plant, and unlike a banana, won’t ripen on your kitchen counter.  So that would explain why I have never seen them in Minnesota.  If I could invent some sort of crazy way to let them ripen on my counter, everyone would be excited.  Kind of like when people felt the need to hang their bananas on those little hooks on a stand in the 90’s.  Remember that?  My mom totally had one of those.  I wonder where it went.

Rambutans are sort of hairy on the outside and have a little thin peeling that you can run a dull kitchen knife around to open them up.  Slide the peeling off and you have a sweet, juicy fruit that has the consistency similar to a grape, but it can get stuck between your teeth, if that makes sense.  They have a pit in the middle, and I am under the impression you don’t eat it.  It seems to big to eat anyway.

Apparently they are in season here in Hong Kong, and I almost pooped my pants when I saw them at the market.    I was so excited that I snapped some up, and forced fed them to my fella.  I put them in the fridge (like I do with everything) so the color got a bit darker, but they were still so lovely and refreshing.  Mmm.  I have fat kid disorder and couldn’t be bothered with a napkin, I just let the juices run down my arm.  I think the fella was a tad horrified but unsurprised by my un-lady-like eating skills.

If you’ve just been passing by these suckers at the market, stock up on napkins and floss, grab a bunch of these and enjoy.  Happy Aloha Friday!

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