McDonalds in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a swagger all it’s own. It is really fun. A place that really has swagger? All-American gem, McDonald’s.

We could talk all day about McDonald’s. There is a lot to be said about McDonald’s. I had a class in college where we did an entire section on the “McDonaldsization of America”. Really interesting, if you’re the type of person to pick a course called The Sociology of Consumer Behavior. If that person is you, then you’re very similar to me. Let’s hang out.
You might think to yourself, “Dang man, I hate McDonald’s! It’s all chemicals!”, but you smell those little salty fries and get sucked in. Then you eat some French fries and your heart dances with delight. Then you eat the last fry in your little bag and those short moments of delight are gone. That is exactly what happens to me. I don’t learn my lesson though, and still go every now and then.
I do like how McDonald’s can taste exactly the same all around the world, but they do little things to cater to the local tastes. In Hawaii you can get SPAM, eggs and rice for breakfast. In Hong Kong, they only have a few random things that you can’t get in Minnesota, such as shake-shake fries (fries that you add seasoning to) and a little separate section for Mc Café . Also, it’s pretty dang cheap. You can pick up a fancy latte for $18 HKG ($2.32 USD).
Oh and another fun thing. People in Hong Kong can’t be bothered to clear their own trays. So when you’re done, you just get up and leave. WHAT?! Even though the garbage cans are right there? Yup, there are even special employees that help to clear your trays. Fancy, huh? (Say it like Fahn-cie.)
The most standout thing about Hong Kong McDonald’s is the décor. I mean check it out. Swagger, right?

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