Hong Kong Art Fair 2012

The other day I went to the Hong Kong Art Fair, which had all contemporary and modern art.  I don’t pretend to know much about art, so I can’t even tell you what the difference is between contemporary and modern art is.  Unless “Contemporary and Modern” is a category, in which case I am confused by the use of redundant words.  Feel free to explain if you know.

I hear that this art fair is the third largest art auction behind New York and London.*   I was grossly un-prepared for the amount of amazing I was about to see.   I mean, when I heard art fair, I was thinking something more along the lines of Calhoun Art Fair.  I was delightfully surprised to be able to peep some world-class art from some very famous galleries from all over the world.

The fair was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center.  I had spotted this building the first day I was in Hong Kong and was always curious as to what it was like inside.  It’s pretty awesome.  Very clean, very high-class.  I was really glad that I had opted to wear something semi-stylish, because it not only was an art event, it also appeared to be somewhat of a fashion event.

Wandering around, I snapped a lot (perhaps too many) pictures, saw the actual artists at their booths, watched an artist give a talk and I stared at a lot of people’s shoes.  I got to see so many amazing artists, some I had heard of, many that I hadn’t.  My head was about to explode from everything my tiny brain was trying to soak up when I realized there were TWO floors.  Two.  I was happy that I had brought two cameras because I had almost no battery in one of my cameras after that first floor

Even though I was starting to feel hungry, I kept cruising.   It was too good to be true.
I’m including a mini-slide show of some of the work that I saw, picking these out just for you after looking through my photos for the past hour and a half.  Enjoy the Contemporary and Modern Art.  Or the Contemporary Art along with the Modern Art.  Even with all the time that I spent there, I’m still confused.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*I went to this event alone.  I had a comp ticket and as you know, it’s better I do things like this alone.  I was there for almost 5 hours.

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