10,000 Buddhas

The other day we had adventure day where my fella and our friend strapped on ugly tourist clothes (tennis shoes and silly sport shorts.  Sorry, fashion gods) and headed to Sha Tin.

Our friend used to live in Sha Tin, so it was really nice to have his knowledge of the area.  We checked out a Picasso at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.  No photos were allowed, sorry.  After the Picasso viewing, we headed out to eat.

We ate PIZZA.  PIZZA!  I have been missing good pizza.  I’ve been known to have weeks of weakness and eat pizza everyday.  It was so good.  I should also mention we ate a set meal for four.  Note: there were three of us.  That meant we got pizza, mussels, pasta, bread sticks, baked rice and four sodas.

We had a large hike ahead of us.  Which we then decided not to do because of our excessive eating.  So, we did a smaller hike instead.  We wound around some curves, got freaked out by some snarling dogs, saw the  Wo Wing Bee Farm that our honey came from and saw some beautiful butterflies.

Another fantastic thing?  We saw a monkey.  Not one in a cage.  One that was just hanging out.  I was really excited, so excited that I didn’t realize my lens wasn’t properly attached, so I missed my photo op.  After that I kept my eyes super peeled, but sadly we didn’t see any more monkeys.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (no monks actually live there) actually has closer to some 13,000 Buddhas.  The property is an amazing sight. The pagoda, towers and pavilions were surrounded by Buddhas, and there were statues on the stairs of the two entrances as well.  There were a few worshippers, but mostly just us tourist folks.  Being it is a place of worshippers, there are some areas that cameras are not allowed.  

Set overlooking Sha Tin, the view is amazing.  It’s a pretty serene location, set up so high above the city.  Again, I’m not Buddhist, but I was very humbled and excited to see this place.

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We did other cool things in Sha Tin, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

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