Lutheran Theological Seminary

Continuing on from yesterday’s post on Sha Tin adventure day, let’s pick up where we left off.

The three amigos (our friend, my fella and yours truly) left the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery at closing time.  Our bellies at this point were in better shape, the food babies were starting to go away.  So we continued our hike.

At this point, it was starting to get to the point in the day when every thing glows kind of yellow/pink which I love.  We wound around on some back trail, over this little sketchy footbridge and straight up a hill.  Sweating but smiling, we made it to our next destination.

The Sha Tin Lutheran Theological Seminary.  Set on the other side of the ravine from the Monastery (you can see it across the way) lies this seminary.  Underneath one cross, the Christians who built this present their gratitude to the Buddhists for the land, which is pretty great.

The campus is impeccable.  Lined with rock mosaics, pond with fish, and perfectly kept landscaping.  Beyond the campus there is a path that leads down to a large cross that you can see from quite a ways away.  There is a large pagoda and large rocks to sit on as well, so it’s a quiet place to mediate and worship.

My favorite thing was there was a labyrinth.  It’s not a tall hedges one, but one made of stones, carefully laid on into the ground.  From what I understand, the students use it in their praying and meditation.  Super serene.  Us three amigos walked it together,  and when we were done we stood in the middle for a bit, in admiration and respect.

After we left the Seminary, we walked back to the city and ate some refreshing mango desserts.  Dodged our way through the jungle of the mall, looked up at the large apartment building that our friend used to live in and made it back to the train.   Adventure day in Sha Tin might have been one of my favorite days.

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