Minnehappiness Made: Earrings Giveaway

Yours, if you want them.

I’m excited to introduce a new feature on the blog to you today, I’m naming it Minnehappiness Made.  I feel the need to name almost everything, which I picked up in college when my roommate had named my pencil holder (coffee can) Mabel.  She did this secretly by writing MABEL on the coffee can in big black sharpie.  Everything had been named, including our curly bamboo plant (Coolio).  Clever girl.

Anyway.  Welcome to the first installation of Minnehappiness Made.
I’m a tinker-er.  Every now and then I actually finish a project that I have started and I’ll put the finished products up now and then for you too oogle your eyes at.  I have a few friends who are interested in this as well, so the work might not always be mine.

Featured projects might not always be for sale, but to kick things off I’m going to give these puppies away.  No, not free puppies.  The earrings.  Sorry if you’re confused.

If you want them, leave me a comment or send me an email.  I’ll even send them overseas if you please.I’ll have my Dad select the winner next Monday.

These earrings are currently named ‘Jessie’, but once they are yours, feel free to rename them.

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