Minnehappiness Made: Earrings Giveaway Winner

Not yours, unless you’re the winner

Last week I was pleased to introduce a new feature on the Blog, Minnehappiness Made.  Refer back to here if you don’t remember this, silly.

I asked my dad to pick a number between 1 and 30.  I contemplated telling him that he could pick both 1 and 30 and not just between 1 and 30, but that wasn’t true.  There were 28 people  entered in the giveaway, if I counted the “Like” on Facebook.   Telling him to only choose up to 30 seemed like a better thing to do than explain to him why I am only giving him the option to go up to 28.  He picked 16.

So, congratulations, Deb, you are the winner!  I’ll email you for your address, so I can give you Jessie.  Thank you to everyone for entering!

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