Hippy food: Acai smoothie

Acai Smoothie

I like eating crappy frozen pizza and do it a lot.  So, it’s good to balance it out with something healthy.  In my case, it’s been breakfasts of Acai Smoothies.

And you thought only hippies drank that stuff.
Well, I was having a pity party for myself this past winter and decided to rent two surf movies and have myself a little surfing movie marathon.  One of the movies was called “Soul Surfer“, about Bethany Hamilton, a young girl who lost her arm surfing to a shark.  Incredibly, she gets back in the water and goes pro– anyway, look it up if you want to know more.

I did.  I did some light googling- and somehow came across a video on Youtube where it showed her making her breakfast.  I was inspired by her food choices (is anyone surprised?) and decided I would try this some day.

Months later, cruising around my grocery store and I saw it.  Duhdahduuh!!  (Sing it.) Acai.  Strange, it looks kind of like, gross.  Oh well, I (not so) secretly love hippy food so I wanted to see if it was one of those things where you have to convince yourself you like it, or if it was actually good.

Surprisingly, it was tasty!  All I did was blend a tiny bit o’ milk with the smoothie pack, banana, spinach and some yogurt, and there you have it.  My whole frozen pizza for dinner is justified by this breakfast.

Spinach, Banana, Yogurt, Acai!

*I’m not paid by anyone to say this stuff.  I just say it.

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