Minnehappiness Made: Purple Rain Cowl

It’s almost Labor Day, the Minnesota State Fair is running and I’m still in a tank top. However, fall is peeking it’s head out in the evenings and will be here any day.
The leaves will start changing and I will get excited to pull out my fall clothes and gain a winter jacket (meaning winter weight gain for all you who don’t live with brutal winters) and wear scarves.* There are so many good scarf patterns out there – so don’t expect this to be my last.

This cowl is really soft, made of really chunky fabric and possibly over-dramatic buttons. I think I might have been better off just getting smaller ones. Next time. It is really warm and cozy, so when my mom posed for me, I had to shoot the photos quickly since it’s actually still in the 80’s here.

This one isn’t going in the giveaway pile, I gave it to my mom. Well, I guess I should say it went in the giveaway pile but I already gave it away.
If you want one, let me know and I’ll whip one up for you…if you pay me. Heh heh, I don’t have a job yet and I gotta make monies where I can.

If you’re heading out to the State Fair, eat some cheese curds, cheese on a stick, Dole whip and a lemonade for me. Those are my staples. After I eat those, then the real eating begins. Muhuhaha, see you soon, Winter Coat.

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*I’m really not a “Hooray for Fall” person until I’m forced to be. I love summer and the heat where you walk out and it feels like you’re taking a hot air bath.

9 thoughts on “Minnehappiness Made: Purple Rain Cowl

  1. minnehappiness says:

    Woo hoo! Ok, so I looked and the supplies costs me about $32.50 to make. So, that, plus whatever it costs me to ship it to you, so probably like $35.00. Would any of you still like one? I should also say that this particular chunky yarn comes in purples, blues, grays, reds and this fantastic yellow/blue/green/purple blend.
    It’s a Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool, but not scratchy in the slightest.
    Let me know!

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