Fresh start to fall

I am going to be honest.  I know that I have not been producing very much interesting content for Minnehappiness.  For that, I feel bad.

In fact, I’ve just been feeling a tad on the bad side.  Since being home, I seem to have lost my sense of wonderment, the ability to see the everyday adventures that I used to see before.  I figured all the cool things that I’ve gotten to do this summer are familiar to me, so they weren’t worth writing about.  My creative juices felt like they had run dry.  I also blamed it on a lack of my own space, or the fact I need to concentrate on getting myself a job– but those are just bad excuses.

I’m re-adjusting my bad-attitude, and getting a fresh new start.  Today I sat outside for a bit today and thought about my past week.  At first, I felt I had nothing to write about.  I was so so wrong.  A lot of really wonderful things happened this week.

This past week I upped my shoe game.  Feels good inc.

My dad found a bunch of old records in storage.  While he did find some really legit Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA and many more, this one has to be my favorite cover.  I mean, look at it.  Ridiculous.

Keep Fit and Dance

My pal invited me over to hang and she whipped up fresh mojitos for us.  We talked about ghosts and spirits and got all freaked out.  Then my parents bought a pizza maker.  I thought pizza makers were called ovens, but I guess when you’re an adult you can buy whatever random gadgets you come across.  My mom’s justification?  You can make omelets in it.  I know where else you can make omelets — in a pan, on the stove that is on top of  the oven that makes pizzas.  In my parent’s defense, it made pretty good pizza.

I shipped off a few Minnehappiness Made projects, as well as picked up this beautiful blue to start another project request.  I’m lucky to have readers that like the things I make with these tiny hands.  If you order something from me, I’ll include a little doodle to make your snail mail extra special.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  I also celebrated my fella’s birthday by eating amazing bruschetta, wings and pizza with some wonderful friends.  My brother and I checked out Sleepwalk with Me, a film that we’ve been excited for.  I loved it.  My dad wore a legit Canadian Tuxedo.  Our friends and I got to celebrate our best friend’s marriage at a stunning venue– where I danced so hard that I sprained my ankle.

The point of this is not to tell you how awesome my week was.  It is to tell myself how awesome my week was.  It is not to say that this past week was not without some major ‘downs’, but the good far outweighs the bad.

As readers, get ready for the fun to re-begin.  I’m back.

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