Fresh start to fall

I am going to be honest.  I know that I have not been producing very much interesting content for Minnehappiness.  For that, I feel bad.

In fact, I’ve just been feeling a tad on the bad side.  Since being home, I seem to have lost my sense of wonderment, the ability to see the everyday adventures that I used to see before.  I figured all the cool things that I’ve gotten to do this summer are familiar to me, so they weren’t worth writing about.  My creative juices felt like they had run dry.  I also blamed it on a lack of my own space, or the fact I need to concentrate on getting myself a job– but those are just bad excuses.

I’m re-adjusting my bad-attitude, and getting a fresh new start.  Today I sat outside for a bit today and thought about my past week.  At first, I felt I had nothing to write about.  I was so so wrong.  A lot of really wonderful things happened this week.

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