Apple orchards are the best

This past weekend my family headed to the apple orchard for our fall ritual.  It started as something my mom and brother used to do together, but my dad and I have weaseled our way into their tradition.

The weather in Minnesota has been stellar.  I know we need rain, but practically everyday is sunny and perfectly crisp.  The leaves are turning, making the drive to Belle Plaine, Minnesota very scenic.


Normally we pick our own apples, but we weren’t able to this year.  Apparently there was an early frost, so there weren’t as many apples.  No worries, shrimp curry, we were still able to taste and buy some perfectly crunchy  apples (3 pecks).  Excessive, I know.  We tend to get a little hogwild.  We also picked up a few gallons of apple cider, some apple donuts, caramel apple and apple pie.  Yup, you’re right, I’m in it for the treats.  If my mom and brother had a tradition that didn’t involve food, I probably wouldn’t weasel my way in.

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