BLINGO. A Tuesday night affair.

BLINGO.  Not Bingo.  It’s like Bingo, but with more sass.

As many Tuesdays as we can, my friends and I head over to the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis.  Or “Nordeast” for you special folk.

Blingo is put on by an adorable lady named Ellie.  She spins some awesome playlists, calls out the numbers with killer sass, and gives out fun prizes.  You play 6 rounds, but the mother of all the rounds is the last round- the prize is a blinged out chalice.  Last week we won.  You can see our picture here, complete with crazy eyes and the chalice.

If you’re in the neighborhood on a Tuesday, you can check Ellie and her Blingo out from 7-9pm.  You won’t regret it.

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Here are the details:

331 Club
331 13th Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN

BLINGO from 7-9pm on Tuesdays

$5 2 for 1’s on Tall Lonestars
Tacos, burritos, manritos, chips and salsa are available to order.

2 thoughts on “BLINGO. A Tuesday night affair.

  1. emilycd says:

    That looks like my tree! Perfect size for an apartment! Ours is in storage back in the States this year. Boourns. Still haven’t quite figured out what to do about that.

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