Soccotash, Kansas City

Soccotash, Kansas City

Some people dread traveling for work.  Some people consider their co-workers to be some of the besties.  I’m the latter.

Last weekend, my team and I took a little cruise down 35W South to Kansas City.  I never know what state to say I was in, but I do know that we were in 4 states in one day.  I had no idea, but Kansas City is a hidden gem.  A large, hidden gem.
It reminded me of a shirt we bought while in Des Moines at Raygun.  (Read about that here.)

KC: Too much for just one state.

KC: Too much for just one state.

Someday when you’re older you might be able to stomach the shenanigans that we talked about and laughed about. Someday I might tell you about these shenanigans.  But today is not that day.  Instead, I want everyone to be opening their eyeballs to the little joint we ate brunch at called Soccotash.

When we walked in, it was fairly empty.  By the time we left, they had filled up and started a wait.  I can see why.  They have fresh juice, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free options.  I opted for Pigs in a Blanket (Maple sausage wrapped in crepe-like pancakes with eggs) and Cubano juice (Pineapple, cucumber, lime, mint and orange).  Everyone really enjoyed their food and it was perfect to fuel up before our long trip back.  The most amazing creation at our table was called Burrito of Love.  It was scrambled eggs, cheddar and bacon wrapped in a buttermilk pancake.  Holy amazing.



If you’re in Kansas City, I recommend checking this place out.

You can find Soccotash at:

2601 Holmes Street
Kansas City, MO
8:00am-3:00pm daily

*Side note: I tried out a new photo format– click on them to get them larger and in a slideshow.

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