Cheeky Monkey Deli & Bistro

Cheeky Monkey

The other day my fella and I made our way across the river to St.Paul.  He knows how much I love sandwiches and knew I would love Cheeky Monkey.

He was right.  I loved everything about it.

I love Saint Paul.  Particularly this area of Dale and Selby.  The shops are adorable, the sidewalks are clean and the houses have a ton of character.  You can walk to good food, good beer and stylish boutiques.

We ordered off the lunch menu, my fella got himself a tasty Roast Beef sandwich, and I filled up on a Ham & Brie.  Of course, I also ate some of his food because I couldn’t resist.  Both of our sandwiches were excellent and on delicious chewy bread.  While my fella doesn’t love mushrooms, he knows how much I do and suggested we split a side of the roasted mushrooms.  He even ate some himself, if that gives you any indication of how good these were.

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I was so excited about this place that I told everyone that I thought would care, (and maybe some people who didn’t care).  I ran into a few people who had eaten there and the consensus was the same– everyone loves it.

You can find Cheeky Monkey Deli and Bistro at:
525 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55102

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