Minnehappiness Made: Ocean Cowl

Beautiful Yarn

Beautiful Yarn

Keeps yo' neck warm

Keeps yo’ neck warm**

I made myself a deal a few years ago.  If I make the decision to live in Minnesnowta (I kind of hate myself for calling it that) then I wasn’t allowed to complain about the cold.  Talk about it?   Yes.  Complain about it?  No.

I spend a decent amount of time day dreaming about my island living days.*  But I’m happy here.  My family is here.  My fella and his family are here.  My pals aren’t all here, but a lot of them are.

The instant I spotted this yarn I thought of the beach.  I slapped it together by knitting in the round for a pretty large cowl.  If I want to do this again I need to adjust my pattern (AKA: Making It Up As I Go) next time and make it ‘taller’ v. ‘longer’ so that it doesn’t hang so low.  I am excited to wear my beachy cowl on these cold days.

*I realized that other than Minnesota, I’ve chosen to only live on islands.  Three of them to be exact.
**Sorry for the picture quality.  Taking pictures of yourself is something I’ve yet to conquer.

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