How much is it?

I’m desperately lost when attempting to communicate. (Albeit I need to be patient with myself, as I’ve been here only days.)

I’m working very very slowly on learning Cantonese and thought maybe on Mondays we can do a useful word or phrase that I’ve learned.  I’m going to call it “Mumbling Monday” because that’s mostly all I do.  Truthfully, I just wanted to make a new theme and that was what makes the most sense.

Money makes the world go ’round and Hong Kong is no exception.  My fella taught me the phrase, “How much is it?” and I use it far more than I’d like to admit.

You pronounce it really fast “Gay-Doe Chin”… I attempted to write it out in characters and I should be embarrassed to show it, but I’m not.

How much is it?

The Hong Kong currency is pretty awesome, it is very colorful & they have many forms of the same bill depending on the bank it was issued by.  I’m currently holding FOUR $20 notes, each will different designs on it.

I really wanted to include a picture of Hong Kong currency, but then I did some research and it seems to be illegal to take pictures of currency.
If you’re really into it, check out Wiki’s article instead.

Thanks for tuning into Mumbling Monday!

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