Want to know something so fun?

Hand signals in China are way cooler than in America!*  I’m going to give you a little lesson.  I’m clearly just learning all of this, so maybe you can learn along with me.**

Excuse my silly pictures, but they were the best I could do with the Photo Booth.  (Please also excuse the very crooked finger.  It was broken a few years ago.)  What you’re about to see is the hand signals and their pronunciations.  I’m not going to use the silly real way to show pronunciations, because I don’t understand those.  I’m going to write them out the way I would say them.

Get to learning! 🙂

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*Hand signals will vary by region, and my pronunciation is for Cantonese.

**Please keep in mind this is not an actual learning tool.

2 thoughts on “Numbers!

  1. Sweet Thang says:

    I love it! – So is this how you pronounce the numbers?
    Also, I think your crooked finger is the most beautiful one. 🙂

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