I’m over at H&M Kitchen today

I’m guest blogging over at H&M Kitchen today!  You might remember Mel, from my Mel’s Meals post.  Well, that’s her and her husband’s blog and it’s full of awesome treats.  Go ahead and check out my recipe for Loco Mocos, and tickle your taste buds.

Asian Pears

It turns out I really love Asian Pears.  In Asian Pears in the Minnehap look more like pears and less like apples.  Here at our market, they look more like apples and less like pears.  Our friend calls them Papples, even though we know the correct name, we still call them Papples.

If only I had some brie cheese to eat with these little juicy papples.

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Grilled Chicken Wing


Here on Lamma, you can eat pretty well.

Another weekend, another food find.  When things get busy, there are plenty of grilled food stands that pop up.   Remember I mentioned you can get delicious grilled pineapple here on Hung Shing Ye Beach?  My fella picked up this grilled gem for me at that same stand to keep my hunger at bay until dinner time.

$14 HK ($1.80 USD) can get you this smoky, juicy, crispy little snack.  I would recommend it to anyone passing by, if their nose hasn’t led them there already.